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Tagging posts properly for users and SEO

One of the hardest things as your site gets to be greater is making and keeping up a site structure that really bodes well. Labels and classes can make that structure, permitting individuals to effectively discover the posts that interest them.

When you utilize labels the wrong way, you can make it harder for individuals to explore your site. This isn’t only terrible for clients: utilizing labels as a part of the wrong way can be impeding for your site’s SEO. Give me a chance to clarify: we’ll first jump into what including a tag does, trailed by a decent procedure for picking them.

What happens when you include a tag?

When you add a tag to a post, that post is added to that label’s file. For example, we have a label page for watchword research. When I include a “watchword research” tag to this post, it is added to that document. That is, obviously, extremely helpful: individuals perusing for watchword research posts can without much of a stretch discover it.

When you add a tag to a post that hasn’t been utilized some time recently, WordPress naturally makes a label document. On the off chance that you tag generously, adding 10-20 labels to every post, each of them special to every post, you’re making many file pages. On the off chance that each of those document pages just has 1 or 2 posts on them, they’re not exceptionally valuable. Truth be told, we’ve seen a lot of destinations that had an over-burden of label pages get hit by Google’s Panda overhaul.


you shouldn’t add excessively numerous labels to a post. You shouldn’t utilize labels that don’t relate the present post to whatever other post. So how would you pick labels?

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